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Spain: an entry door for Latin American capital into Europe

24 June 2013

Spain: an entry door for Latin American capital into Europe

Cultural likeness with Latin America, the interesting network of trade treaties, as well as in the matter double taxation Spain has with most South American countries give it a privileged position for the investor with interests in Europe.

The constant drop in real-estate prices during the last four years, both residential and commercial, have caught the attention of European and Latin American investment funds, which, based on medium term predictions, have decided to acquire large properties. Opportunities are reproduced in a smaller scale for the small family investment that not only sees the investment in Spaniard soil as a profit opportunity, but as a first step towards the development of a personal project.

According to the third edition of the IPD-TINSA barometer (April 2013, the creation of SAREB, along with recent driving measures adopted by the Spaniard government, “could encourage many investors to come to Spain, after years of waiting for opportunities in this market. A good example of this is the acquisition of assets by some international funds such as Sambil and Autonomy towards late 2012, early 2013. It seems like for the second six-month period of 2013, investment in Spain will continue to be led by the real-estate market.



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