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Legal service outsourcing translates into costs reduction

7 April 2013

Legal service outsourcing translates into costs reduction

Costs reduction through outsourcing of services that traditionally have been centralized in the organization is a common practice that extends to different functional and operational areas of a company. A good example of these are payroll payment, billing and collection management, information technology and processes management, among others. This phenomenon has been extended for some time now, and with increasing strength, towards the offering of legal services, mainly aimed at reducing costs implied in keeping an internal legal department, which, in some cases, is justified, considering that the different legal needs of a company, both regular and occasional consults, could be more efficiently dealt with by an outsourcing party.

Proper selection of an LPO provider not only translates into costs reduction, but also in the reduction of response times, and at the same time achieves a direct use of technical knowledge in several law areas, made available by the professionals working for the firm that offers these services.

Interaction with LPO firms transcends the relationship with the company, and represents a solid tool that can be increasingly found in law firms looking to optimize internal processes, and to improve the profitability of their projects. 



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