Our vision of marketing in the legal world

Our vision of marketing in the legal world

Our vision of marketing in the legal world

Marketing in the legal world is strongly conditioned by the branch of specialization of the service provided, and therefore, its target or target audience. There are numerous and diverse specialties (civil, labor, constitutional, procedural, etc.) that can point to different profiles of affected subjects, but there is a very relevant classification that determines the strategy or marketing plan, and that is whether our firm or portfolio of services is aimed at individuals or companies. In other words, if we provide B2C or B2B solutions, as in the case of Afiens legal.

In parallel, a few years ago a very interesting classification of tools and strategies was introduced on the marketing side, known as Outbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing. While the first one aims to attract consumers with direct and unidirectional methods, Inbound combines non-intrusive marketing and advertising techniques in order to attract the consumer by offering valuable content and relevant experiences. While Outbound relies on intrusive actions like traditional advertising to pursue clients, Inbound Marketing tries to attract potential interested parties by aligning your value offer with their interests.

We cannot say exhaustively that one is better than the other, because its different adoption depends on the market or sector we are involved, and the product or service that we offer. But what seems clear is that, in the legal world, due to its nature based on credibility and trust as primary values, and more specifically in B2B, due to the complexity of segmentation and the limitation of optimal promotional channels, the reasonable choice is mostly declined by Inbound Marketing tools. In B2C, and depending on the service or branch, it could be another story, and another article.

Under this “Inbound” context, in my opinion, the most powerful marketing weapon is precisely the most primary – word of mouth. It is the weapon with the simplest mechanism to understand, and at the same time more complex to achieve, since it is born from the product, from the business culture … let’s say from the very DNA of the company. Betting on excellence, professionalism, and the highest quality in the provision of legal services, it inevitably leads to customer satisfaction. And in the world of law firms, also betting on the maximum respect, honesty, and humility with which they recommend or refer you, it is equally important. This has been the main weapon that explains the path of success of Afiens (and many other law firms), and in my view, it is the most solid and consistent positioning.

It is not the marketing department achievement, but the professionals and their leaders who are on the battlefield, and who make it much easier for “marketing guys”. Because our complementary task now focuses simply on communicating correctly to our target what is done here and how it is done. Trying to expand the scope and coverage of the message, but always with the utmost respect for the possible interested party and in tune with the culture of the company. It is about informing and convincing, not bothering and imposing.

Under this premise, in Afiens we bet on different disciplines such as:

  • Content Marketing: Sharing the sectorial news, but above all publishing our own exclusive content on our competencies in commercial law, corporate secretariat, Compliance, Legal process Outsourcing and Legaltech. With dissemination through our own channels and through the media, through other formats such as interviews.
  • Social Media: Basically Linkedin, due to its undeniable leadership and specialization in the business-professional world. But also, other networks such as Facebook or Instagram for aspects of a cultural and social nature that happen in the firm.
  • SEO Positioning: Through constant review and improvement of our website and our online presence. More than an end in itself, we see SEO positioning as a thermometer of the relevance and representativeness of our digital content structure.
  • Preparation and dissemination of quality audiovisual content: Our commitment to video as a communication format is unequivocal. Both for corporate, educational, and informative matters about legal technical matters related to our technological platform “Afiens Collaborate”.
  • Rankings, directories, recognitions: We monitor the different rankings and independent directories of sectorial reputation and prepare applications based on their affinity. And this year we have become part of the guide “Chambers Alternative Service Providers 2021 Rankings”, and we have obtained the work quality seal “Best Workplaces Legal 2021”.

And so far, this is our vision of one of the P’s of Marketing Mix. We have talked about “Promotion”, (or communication / advertising). And yes, we try to do our bit to improve  other important issues within the firm such as “Price”, “Product” or “Placement”. And we will talk about that later … until then!

Antonio Sánchez

Head of Marketing of Afiens Legal.


+34 630 931 076


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