What is AFIENS Collaborate?

Our technological platform comprises the appropriate tools to manage any company's legal department.
The most remarkable advantage of this application is the endorsement by AFIENS, the leading firm in companies’ secretariat management.
All the companies that trust AFIENS and outsource the management of their secretariat ascertain that they are receiving the best legal advice on corporate matters while enjoying state-of-the-art technology that allows them to automate processes, to sign documents electronically and to locate any corporate document in just a few seconds, from anywhere and with total security.

Why to use AFIENS Collaborate?

Legal-technical quality

Guaranteed by Afiens, over 15 years experienced lawyers specialised in corporate law.


Of all tasks related to corporate secretariat.


Electronic signature of any corporate documents: minutes, powers of attorney, etc.


Powerful documents’ search engine.


Accessible from anywhere.


In all documents.

“AFIENS Collaborate allows, among others, to create automated documents such as contracts and any type of corporate record, offer a digital signature, organize meetings of the Board or of Administration bodies, audit committees or other more informal meetings, but that require the action of sharing documents, such as the company’s accounting consultants or any other type of provider, through videoconferences, having a pemanently updated dashboard.”

What functionalities does AFIENS Collaborate have?

Stores all the documentation related to one or more companies in the cloud, such as deeds, Powers of attorney, corporate minutes, contracts, reports, memories, etc.

Only authorised users can access the shared workspace and display, download, documents, etc.

Generates in just a few clicks the necessary documents to manage the corporate secretariat accurately, or any other legal documents required in your company.

Make the sending and advanced electronic signature of the stored documents online.

When signed, the document is automatically updated and stored in the
corresponding folder.

Grants permissions to each user to ensure custody and access to the documents.

It also includes a system of alerts so that each user is aware and takes into account their obligations.

Create advanced charts and visualizations for structured database data, document analysis, and tasks.

What are the advantages of using AFIENS Collaborate?

Secretariat of companies

Real estate asset management

Contract management

Control of regulatory compliance, Prevention of Money Laundering and GDPR

The generation of legal documents, their certified electronic signature and their custody

The creation of Data Rooms

Keep the mercantile books updated

Perform account audits or due diligence

Validation of banks

Modification of proxies of the bank account

Maintain communications with suppliers or the Administration

Updating the digital certificate

A safe tool accesible from any device

AFIENS Collaborate has an SSL certificate, which guarantees the security and encryption of the content uploaded to the tool. Additionally, each user has their own access ID and different permissions to access the information. Thus, only those who are permitted to manage them will be able to view them.

AFIENS Collaborate is accessible from any device. Furthermore, it has a responsive design, where dashboards and contents adapt to the screen in order to offer users a satisfactory navigation experience.

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