The added value of our services is based on the technological solutions implemented within Afiens.

From the very start, Afiens has always stood out for its disruptive and innovative spirit, where the implementation of process methodology and technological tools and solutions have set the stage for a strategy that we have championed from day one. The key to the success of our journey so far is not about offering a necessarily different service, but rather thinking about how we can go about it as efficiently as possible. To do so, technology plays a key role, both for our own internal management and for providing our services. That is what allows us to make our processes more agile, processes that are very often done the traditional way elsewhere because of a lack of thought given to the production phases and an inability to find a better way of doing things.





Our Technology

Afiens Collaborate

Afiens Collaborate is a platform designed to improve every aspect of the internal relationships that Afiens has with its clients and the external relationships between the different players in a legal project, allowing to collaborate on projects and manage documents, as well as automating work flows and analysing the data that surround them.

Thanks to Afiens Collaborate, we are not only providing a complete service as part of the everyday management of those businesses, from company secretariats to the GDPR and AML, but our tool also allows for:

Management of large volumes of documentation

Thanks to automatic document classification.

Rapid localisation of key information

thanks to the personalisation of pivot tables.

Monitoring and evolution through dashboards and key information indicators

KPIs at all times.

Accessible from any device


Between teams and individuals.

Assignment of tasks, calendars, alerts and notifications

and the customized implementation of automated workflows.

Great operational agility, thanks to the integration with other solutions or value-added software, such as:

  • Advanced and qualified electronic signature.
  • Automation of documents.
  • Electronic certificates.
  • Other

The maximum guarantee of security and confidentiality

Thanks to the access control and permissions of the tool.

To complete our service offering, we also provide the necessary training on how to use and leverage the tool and how to personalise it based on the specific needs of each client.

10 Years

with you



The competitive edge gained from the use of technology combined with our know-how and process standardisation make this model a highly profitable solution for dealing with all legal matters that may arise during the life of a company, all with a view to helping our clients:

Reduce the time spent managing by 80%

Reduce costs by 70%

Automatically update knowledge

Have better control over document management

Have better quality information

Increase transparency in our services

Reduce team turnover

Improve work flows