At Afiens we encompass all the necessary legal services that arise throughout the life cycle of companies in order to provide efficient solutions


Property law




Regulatory Compliance

Trust services

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From Afiens we offer the legal and paralegal assistance that every company needs from the start-up of the company to the liquidation of the same, through the daily management in legal matters.

Our commitment to innovation has allowed us to make available to our clients the AFIENS COLLABORATE tool that allows us to carry out an exhaustive control in the management of Corporate Secretaries.

Within the area of Commercial and Corporate, AFIENS provides its clients and collaborators with the legal and paralegal actions necessary within the life cycle of a company, among which the following stand out:

Start-up Services
  • Incorporation of Companies
  • Acquisition of a ready-made company
  • Opening of Branches
  • Opening of Representative Offices
  • Obtaining NIEs for foreign partners and managers
Corporate legal administration services
  • Digitization and custody of legal documentation
  • Corporate Secretary
  • Fiduciary services of corporate domiciliation.
  • Legalization of Commercial Books
  • Legal representation fiduciary services
  • Notice of meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Convocation of General Meetings of Shareholders’ Meetings
  • Virtual Data Room
Legal Services Outsourcing
  • Drafting and standardization of corporate agreements
  • Drafting and standardization of commercial contracts
  • Legal and administrative formalities for private and notarial documents.
  • Adaptation of foreign contracts to Spanish law
  • Translations of commercial and corporate documents.
Company liquidation
  • Company liquidation/dissolution
  • Company liquidator
  • Closure of branches
  • Closure of representative offices
Practice areas

Property law

We offer our LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) services to the Real Estate sector to give our clients top-tier know-how with an efficient delivery backed by technology and optimised management thanks to LPM (Legal Project Management), facilitating the maintenance and management of their property portfolios.

We have a great deal of knowledge and experience working with a wide range of documents within the real estate sector. We use cutting-edge LegalTech tools to ensure the most efficient handling of our clients’ projects, delivering the highest quality results and meeting the tight deadlines that come with the trade.

The majority of investors set aside the matters inherent to their role of buyer, and which Afiens provides. Such as, for example:

Meeting compliance requirements

Legal representation

Dealing with notaries

Tax settlements

Registering the asset in the Land Registry

Using electronic signature, if applicable

Mortgage cancellations

Documents affecting the transaction itself

Horizontal division, private documents of purchase and sale, public deeds, registration, supply contracts.

Management of Communities of Owners

Practice Areas


Afiens offers procedural management services as ALSP (Alternative Legal Service Provider) at all levels, meeting the needs of commercial entities in Spain.

Through our technological means we offer support throughout the judicial procedure: from the search of jurisprudence, to the drafting and preparation of numerous procedural documents, as well as keeping a monitored follow-up of the notifications, helping law firms and legal departments to reduce the time and costs that legal research entails for the successful management of a case.

Practice Areas


Similarly, Afiens offers labor management services to both in-house departments and law firms that need to streamline their processes.

As ALSP we provide legal support throughout the life cycle of an employment relationship, from the registration of the company and its employees with the Social Security to the management of employment contracts, including support in labor proceedings and representation on behalf of the client and collaborators in both judicial and extrajudicial proceedings, helping law firms and legal departments to reduce the time and costs that labor proceedings may cause in each case.

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The management of electronic communications with the different tax authorities, the liquidation of local taxes derived from a commercial and/or real estate operation, as well as the support in the standard and outsourceable tax management, sometimes make the project unprofitable.

From Afiens we provide support services for those legal and paralegal management within the tax field that help firms and internal legal departments to improve their profitability rates.

Among the services we provide, are:

Obtaining a Qualified Electronic Certificate

Obtaining NIFs and NIEs before AEAT (Tax Authorities)

Registration, modifications and terminations in AEAT

DEHú Review

Tax representation services

Filing and settlement of tax returns with local and state authorities.

Domiciliation for AEAT notifications purposes.


Practice Areas

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance is one of our most sought-after services, as it calls for highly specialised technical legal expertise and because our focus on delivery means that clients enjoy considerable cost savings. We cover the entire Compliance life cycle:

Identification and management of Compliance risks

Management of regulatory breaches

Compliance monitoring and supervision

What’s more, we work with one of the best databases in the world for analysing risks, as well as integrated technological solutions and due diligence services for managing both regulatory and reputational risk.


Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

We support our clients in all processes of documentation analysis of their BCP obligations in order to comply with current regulations.
We guarantee a total compliance of our clients with the current regulations through our methodologies.


  • Design & Implementation of policies
  • Employee training
  • OCI Membership
  • OCI Secretariat
  • KYC Technical Verification Unit
  • Complaints Channel
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

At Afiens, we help firms and companies adapt to and implement regulations overseeing the protection of data, privacy and cybersecurity.

We use our technology to ensure that they are fulfilling all of their obligations in this regard, transforming the obligation to comply with the regulation into a competitive advantage.


  • Design and implementation of policies
  • Training employees
  • Annual audits
  • DPO service
    Practice Areas

    Trust services

    In order to handle all dealings during the life of a company as efficiently as possible, we offer trust services as part of corporate legal management.

    This legal instrument allows us to flexibly organise and manage the different matters to be handled in our clients’ business operations on their behalf.

    Company domiciliation

    We domicile your company with Afiens in order to receive all official notifications and any other type of correspondence.

    Our domiciliation service includes:

    • Receipt of documentation on behalf of the client.
    • Scanning of the documentation.
    • Sending communications, both via email and regular post to the address indicated.
      Voluntary representation

      We act as representatives of our clients to undertake all appropriate administrative duties.

      Afiens represents its clients as voluntary representatives, helping them to optimise the time and costs associated with private agreements, notarisations, etc., throughout Spain.

      Practice Areas

      Other services

      Commercial contracts

      One of the services that Afiens offers as part of its legal process outsourcing is the handling of commercial contracts.

      We take care of the legal assistance required for drawing up all commercial contracts that the client’s legal department deems necessary, including drawing up reports of a commercial nature, preparing standard contracts, adapting international contracts to Spanish legislation, etc.


      Afiens is an ALSP (Alternative Legal Service Provider) at all levels.

      We offer assistance throughout the legal proceeding using our technological resources: from the case law search to the drafting and preparation of various procedural documents, as well as monitoring notifications, helping legal departments and firms reduce the amount of time and money spent on legal research for a successful verdict.