Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept that for Afiens is closely linked to the so-called business ethics and focused on the values that represent us

Customer orientation and proximity




Speed and punctuality





CSR Committees

In order to integrate all the professionals who make up Afiens in the project of developing the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) development project, and as part of our (CSR), and as part of our transformation and growth process, we have created several CSR growth, we have created several CSR committees.

People and equality policies and management

We have developed an internal code of conduct, return protocols and face-to-face assistance to the offices -since the activity that Afiens develops is considered “essential” according to the guidelines of the competent health authorities-. In them, we reflect the Covid lessons learned to apply them in the future, if necessary.

In addition, we implement the internal monitoring and assessment plans that Afiens carries out with the invaluable help of its employees, in order to identify areas for improvement.

It should be noted that, thanks to the culture of good practices implemented in Afiens, the equal treatment and care of our employees, the consulting firm Great Place to Work, has named us Best Workplaces Legal in Spain.

Sustainable use of resources

We have defined and implemented other sustainable consumption policies (ink toners, stationery, electricity, etc.) in order to reinforce our commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Adopt A Family Association

We have constituted the non-profit association Adopta Una Familia.  

The Adopt A Family Association is the main initiative of Afiens. It was founded in April 2020, coinciding with the most dramatic period of the first wave of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, which brought with it a high increase in the unemployment rate in Spain, reducing the purchasing power of many families. It was this situation that motivated and drove the Afiens team to found this Association with the mission of supporting families by delivering fruit and vegetable baskets on a fortnightly basis through a specialized supplier. In just two years, more than 3,500 kilos of food had already been delivered.

The association is planning similar actions for the coming months, although these will require identifying new funding mechanisms and opening lines of collaboration with other organizations, such as the Food Bank.

Donations to the Food Bank

Solidarity hot sandwiches

Finally, it is worth mentioning one of the latest actions implemented, consisting of the preparation and distribution of “solidarity hot sandwiches” by members of the Afiens staff among citizens at risk of exclusion and homeless in the Malasaña neighborhood (Madrid).

The Afiens Corporate Social Responsibility Committee will continue working to give back to society what it receives every day from its customers: trust and generosity.