We combine a high legal technical level with the necessary innovation and technological developments to provide efficient solutions in Legal Process Outsourcing or LPO


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Over the years, AFIENS has become a trusted provider of LPO or Legal Process Outsourcing, bringing legal solutions to National and International Firms as well as BPO firms and Internal Legal Departments who seek our services to be able to advise on and carry out some of the most important operations in Spanish Business Law.

Our focus was on innovation from the moment AFIENS was created, and that is what has allowed us to better understand our clients’ needs and invest in the most suitable technology for our services. We have managed to create a Collaborative Platform by combining different technologies into one so as to offer a kind of ONE STOP SHOP for all things legal. This also means that we can reduce delivery times, mitigate errors and offer greater quality and transparency in our services.   

The platform offers a range of features, including:

Contract management

Document management

Legal research

Procedural and administrative management

10 Years

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The competitive edge gained from the use of technology combined with our know-how and process standardisation make this model a highly profitable solution for dealing with all legal matters that may arise during the life of a company, all with a view to helping our clients:

Reduce the time spent managing by 80%

Reduce costs by 70%

Automatically update knowledge

Have better control over document management

Have better quality information

Increase transparency in our services

Reduce team turnover

Improve work flows